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Will Bower, Royalty Free, Crawley PR Sussex

June 2016, Crawley, Sussex

Meet Will Bower, the Man behind Crawley’s Viral Videos

by Sussex PR Agency Media Word Waves

Twenty Three year old Sussex Graduate and internet sensation, Will Bower is taking the web by storm alongside his company Royalty Three. Having recently featured in The Metro and Daily Mail for taking lonely holiday snaps with his absent girlfriend, the people of Crawley are looking to see what is next from the director of Crawley TV and 2015 Young Start-up Talent finalist.

The young entrepreneur, who is known for his viral spoof videos, set-up creative, corporate video production agency -Royalty Three, in 2014, providing content for companies to use on websites, YouTube or social pages. Following its initial success, the company has expanded its services and now offers Digital Marketing and Social Media Management in package deals along with their videos.

Influencer Kent PR and Marketing

Influencer Kent PR and Marketing

Since its inception, the agency has spawned ‘Crawley TV’, a website aimed at entertaining the local community, which has taken off in popularity over the past year. With hit videos such as “Things you don’t hear people in Crawley say” and “Old Age Hipsters”, the team have seen one of their videos reach an astounding 100’000 views, nearly accessing the entire population of Crawley.

One of the team’s most exciting projects this year has taken form in collaboration with Autism Parent Empower. Among the series of videos for the charity is a piece of content highlighting the excellent facilities available for autistic people at Virgin Atlantic. Will commented “We were extremely proud of this piece of work, especially after seeing it shared by the official Virgin Atlantic Twitter.” An email was later received from Richard Branson’s secretary, emphasising how pleased they were with the video, featuring a personal thank you from Branson himself.

Influencer Kent PR and Marketing

Influencer Kent PR and Marketing

Will’s ethos to think outside the box and send messages out creatively is spiking the interest of local businesses across Gatwick wanting more exposure. Will said “Video in particular is becoming a huge medium on social media and companies are recognising this as its popularity grows.”

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