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Top Tips for Direct Mail

PR Sussex

Direct Mail - Our Guide and Top Tips

by Lorraine Nugent, of Sussex PR and Marketing agency Media Word Waves

Direct mail, also known as advertising mail, or admail, is the delivery of advertising material via postal mail. It is viewed by many to be intrusive and so its use must be carefully planned as wrongly applied it can easily have a negative impact on your business. At Media Word Waves, we use our experience to help customer prepare their Direct Mail to get the best results for their business.

Our Top Ten Tips for Direct Mail:

(1) Get to the point quickly. In the first few lines, summarize what you are offering to engage the reader. Readers will not read a great deal before giving up.

(2) Use simple language with correct grammar and spelling.The wording must be very easy to understand, and as concise as possible, ideally no more than one side. Basic grammar or spelling mistakes are easily made, and make you look unprofessional.

(3) Talk about the benefits, not features. Customers want to know how they will benefit from using the product/service. Sell it to them!

(4) Proofing Give your draft letter to a friend or relative to make sure it makes sense to them. They will spot the use of jargon that you or people inside your business might take for granted as understood.

(5) Be Personal. Personalize each letter you send out not only in the address but also in the body of the text where appropriate.

(6) Ensure the letter is addressed to the appropriate person. Send your offer for a Marketing service to the Marketing Director, not all the Directors. The more targeted the better. Many letters addressed to 'the Occupier' are binned without being opened. Where possible, if the address is hand written, this will also increase the chance of the mail being read.

(7) Testimonials. Without bloating your letter, use Testimonials where appropriate to give confidence in your product / service.

(8) Easy Call to Action Most importantly end with a call to action – call us on, email, visit the website, return the order in the pre-paid envelope, make it as simple as possible for the customer to take the next step.

(9) Offer with Deadline Where possible , include a unique offer with a deadline to further encourage the customer to respond.

(10) Follow-up Mailings Get the frequency right - A common mistake is to feel disheartened at the lack of response after a single mailing campaign, but on the other hand, too frequent and you risk upsetting the customer.

There is a considerable skill in putting a direct mail together to maximize results. At Media Word Waves, we work with our customers to put effective Direct mails together. Contact us if you would like expert help in making your Direct Mails work for you.

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