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Top Tips for Media Placement

PR Sussex

Media Placement - Our Guide and Top Tips

by Lorraine Nugent, of Sussex PR and Marketing agency Media Word Waves

Once you have followed our Guide on creating an Advertisement or Guide on creating a Press Releases, the next step is to place it into the Media. There are a number of important things to consider to get this right. A media publication is often under tight deadlines with limited resources to put it all together, so the followng tips are designed to give you the best chance for your submission to be published, on time,  and as you expect it, to give you the best media coverage and return.

Our top ten tips for Media Placement.

(1) Choose your Media carefully. Each media has a different profile of readers, with different factors to take into account such as age, geographic location, and so on. Look for a good match between your target audience and the media’s readership. The better match, the better value for money you will get for your advert, or the higher chance they will use your press release.

(2) Submit to the right person. Blindly submitting your article carries a high risk that it will not get to the right person. Call up the publication and find out.

(3) Timing is critical. Publications usually work to a regular cycle. A weekly newspaper for example, might go through press releases on a certain day to complete the pages of the publication. If that day is Wednesday, for example, if your article arrives on Thursday it will both be delayed for a week and risks being lost by the next week.

(4) Know the preferred format. Get to know what format the publication wants your submission in. If it is less work for them, they will be more likely to give you preferential treatment in the future.

(5) Avoid attachments. If submitting by email, ensure the text is in the body of the email. If in an attachment, there is a chance the publication will not have the right software, or version of software, to view the attachment correctly.

(6) Individual Emails. Don’t let the publication see you have sent the same submission to lots of their rival publications.

(7) Don’t Spam. Don’t flood a publication with submissions.

(8) Don’t Pester. Don’t call the publication repeatedly to pester them about using your submission.

(9) Put your submission on your own website. The publication can then visit your website if necessary to get extra information, even from previous submissions if there is a timeline of submissions.

(10)  Build a relationship with the publication. If you understand them, what they need, what causes them an issue, and adapt accordingly, they will be more likely to use your future submissions, and what they publish will be a closer match to your goal.

At Media Word Waves, we have built up relationships with many local and national publications. Contact us if you would like expert help in placing your Media for best results.

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